3 tips to increase your team’s productivity

With the advancement of technology, many professions that did not exist in the past have become important in today’s world. With so many options, people have become more selective when choosing a job and valuing the balance between quality of life and service.

The lack of team management is one of the most recurrent problems in the corporate world. Many candidates report that companies cannot align the team’s expectations with the reality of their work. It is necessary to invest more efforts in this sector, as it is a great ally to increase its results without making new investments. With good management, people start to feel more motivated to work, increasing productivity and team satisfaction.

How to increase your team’s productivity?

1) Share information
Finding ways to increase team engagement is critical. When an employee feels left out of decisions and meetings, the person is likely to step back and look for other opportunities. Sharing news and achievements makes your employees feel important to the company, increasing their motivation.

2) Offer feedback
A team that doesn’t know its strengths and weaknesses is a team that doesn’t evolve. It is essential that the team knows what it needs to improve through constructive feedback and that it is recognized for its achievements in the company through positive feedback.
When there is feedback from a manager, the employees realize that they make a difference in the team and seek constant progress.

3) Have an inspiring office
After working for over 1 year at home, many employees have become used to staying in their comfort zones. Going back to the office can be challenging, but you can offer several features to make their return as enjoyable as possible. Having a coffee machine, filtered water and snacks at disposal is one of the good things about being at the office. Cleanliness is also an important factor – if the environment is clean and organized, both work stations and bathrooms, employees feel more comfortable and motivated to work.

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