5 dirty things at the cinema

Anyone who thinks that movie theatres are clean environments is wrong. Like any public place, the cinema, when not clean, can present several health problems.

Here’s a list of the dirtiest places in a movie theatre:


According to microbiologist Philip Tierno, Ph.D., many group B germs and fecal material were found in movie theatre seats. The tip is to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt – and wash everything right after use.


Donna Duberg, a professor in the clinical laboratory at Saint Louis University, said she found fecal material on the theatre floor where she did a study. In addition, the E. coli bacteria were also found. Avoid leaving your purses and bags on the theatre floor.

Cup holders

Also, according to Duberg, the cup holder is rarely sanitized, accumulating the sugar in drinks with germs in people’s hands. It is pretty standard for respiratory diseases to appear after a trip to the movies, as these bacteria multiply quickly and reach the mouth.

3-D Glasses

3D movies are increasingly popular – and require special glasses for a multi-sensory experience. A study by The Good Housekeeping Institute found some traces of Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin infections and conjunctivitis.

Popcorn and drinks

Movie theatres must adhere to the same standards as restaurants, including safe food storage at proper temperatures. However, with daily use, the cleaning of utensils is minimal. In addition, sugary soft drinks stick to the counter, and the place is not always cleaned immediately. Bottom line: if it looks dirty, it probably is.

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