5 features every professional cleaning company needs to have

Every company is concerned with maintaining good service and a good reputation. With cleanliness, this would be no different. Super Cleaners is extremely committed and cares about the quality of service delivered – and our customers can prove it!

A professional cleaning company needs to have 5 essential characteristics: Quality, Training, Management, Responsibility and History.


People are more and more demanding. After all, we live in an era where everything is visual, and aesthetics are important. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic showed us how essential it is to keep our house sanitized and clean.
A cleaning company needs to know how to sanitize each environment, using different types of products and pay attention to details. For example, cleaning the floor and keeping the baseboard with dust does not make sense, right? Certain details make the difference and increase the quality of service.


Training is one of the strongest features of Super Cleaners – and every company should have one.
It is essential that the cleaning team is aligned and that each member knows everything about the different surfaces and products to apply the good techniques. In addition, the better the training, the shorter the cleaning time, as the team will act professionally and be aware of possible alerts that make the job more challenging.


Management is the foundation of an entire chain: if managers don’t do a good job, a cleaning team will become disorganized and not have a good foundation.
With a good administrative core, waste of time and products is avoided, and an efficient operational cycle is created. After all, time is money!


Responsibility is the foundation of a company. We can talk a lot about this point, but in summary: there is no way a cleaning company does not have the minimum: insurance, quality products, good techniques and trustworthy people.
It is the company’s responsibility to provide deliver a good service without causing headaches. It is the company’s responsibility to hire trustworthy people to work in private companies and homes. Finally, it is the company’s responsibility to have insurance that covers damages and breakages.
Anyway, a responsible company is a serious company!


Since when do you have experience in cleaning? Why did you decide to start a company? Who are your partners?
The company’s history is significant, as it reports on the day-to-day of the service provided. After all, would you hire someone who does cleaning just for money? I do not think so! Doing a good cleaning involves not just finances, but dedication, vocation and passion.
Therefore, the company’s history and its mission and values ​​are essential to maintain a good reputation in the market.

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