5 must-have cleaning products in your pantry

During the fall and winter, people tend to stay indoors more. With the lack of air circulation due to closed windows, it is essential to keep the house clean to avoid allergies and dust accumulation.

Here is a list of 5 products you need to have around the house.

1. Alcohol

Essential for cleaning places with bacteria. It can be used directly on surfaces with a damp cloth.

Where to use: in infected places, glass and metals.
Avoid: rubberized surfaces, as it damages this type of material.

2. Detergent

Detergent is a neutral-based product for less thorough cleaning.

Where to use: cleaning of more greasy dirt.
Avoid: mixtures with other products.

3. Bleach

Bleach is widely used in house cleaning. It must be diluted with water according to the instructions on the package.

Where to use: wash white clothes, floors and tiles.
Avoid: colored clothes, as they can stain easily. Use in ventilated locations to avoid respiratory problems. Do not mix with other products.

4. Disinfectant

Widely used to leave the environment with a pleasant odor, the disinfectant also can sterilize surfaces.

Where to use: Various surfaces, including tables, floors, stones.
Avoid: keep away from heat and fire as they can be flammable.

5. Window cleaner

Window cleaners remove specific stains and dirt, promoting shine on different types of glass.

Where to use: glass, mirrors, doors.
Cautions: the product must always be used uniformly and without excesses.

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