5 health-hazardous cleaning products

Cleaning your home is an unavoidable task. However, several products present health risks and, therefore, we must be careful. Pay attention to the 5 below!


Ammonia can cause respiratory attacks and affect the brain. Even pregnant women should stay away from this product. An exciting trade-off is using white vinegar with baking soda.

Caustic soda

Better known as sodium hydroxide, caustic soda can cause severe skin sores. Therefore, it is essential to handle the product with gloves. Reminder: in contact with water, caustic soda increases its corrosion power.
You can use baking soda or citric acid to replace this product.


This product is used to polish metals and silver. Frequent contact with toulene can cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and hallucinations. In more severe cases, the effect can be harmful to the kidneys, liver, brain and reproductive system.


Sodium hypochlorite, better known as bleach, can cause severe skin irritation and is extremely dangerous if mixed with other chemicals, as the reaction is unpredictable.
Always store bleach in open and ventilated areas, away from flammable products.

Hydrochloric acid

Used to remove dirt and heavy stains on surfaces, when hydrochloric acid is diluted in water, its inhalation seriously impairs breathing. In addition, it is corrosive and can cause skin inflammation and burns.

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