5 ways to avoid contagion of COVID in the office

Disinfect computers and tables

Even if each person has a computer and nothing is shared, it’s important to sanitize everything before use. Mainly in meeting rooms.
Each touch presents a different risk.

Availability of alcohol gel

Place alcohol 70% stations available at various points in the office. One good idea is to offer individual bottles for each person. With frequent hand hygiene, the risks of contamination are significantly reduced.

Using disposable items in the kitchen

Despite not being the best option in sustainability, plastic utensils avoid contamination since cleaning glass ones is not always practical. Just be aware and include recyclables around the office.

Ventilate the environment

It is not always possible to leave the environment ventilated. In Montreal, for example, from December to April, it is freezing, and the windows are closed almost 100% of the time. However, it is always possible to invest in pipes that ventilate the ambient air.

Be an example

When the office boss sanitizes his work area, disinfects his hands and avoids unnecessary crowds, the tendency is for everyone to do the same. It starts with you and, consequently, your team will follow your example.

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