Scents for your home: how to choose one for each room

Everyone likes a fragrant house. Scents help create a more pleasant and comfortable environment and transport us to affective memories and special moments.

Many people add perfume at home through essential oils, candles, fragrance diffusers, or sprays. However, depending on the choice and mixes, environments can be extremely cloying or bring inappropriate feelings to that room.

In today’s post, we help you choose the scents for your home.


As the kitchen is an environment where there is a great mix of smells, citrus aromas such as orange, lemon and tangerine are recommended. Fennel and basil are also a match, as they neutralize fats from the environment.

Living Room

The living room is a space for meeting and socializing between friends and family. In this place, fresh aromas like lavender, mint and orange blossom are a good choice. Eucalyptus and cedar bring concentration if the space is also an environment for studies.

Dining Room

As it is an environment involving food, aromas of orange and cinnamon help eliminate odours. Spices such as anise and thyme also neutralize odours.


Milder scents such as chamomile, melissa and lavender are welcome for anyone looking to relax and slow down. If the idea is to seduce and create a more romantic mood, you can use roses, jasmine, cardamom, sandalwood or vanilla.


A bathroom is where special care is needed with the chosen scents, as there are several different smells in the same environment. The most recommended are floral fragrances, such as lavender, geranium and palmarosa.

Open areas such as gardens and balconies

Use refreshing and calming scents, such as orange and lemon to reduce anxiety.

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