Day or night cleaning: which shift is best for your business?

Finding the right time for your commercial cleaning business can be a challenge. Here are some points to help you make this decision.

Daytime Cleaning

  1. Save on Energy Usage – You won’t need to pay for extra electricity during the night – lights, power, air conditioning and heating. According to BOMA’s Building Energy Efficiency Program, after-hours cleaning accounts for 25% of a building’s lighting usage, which ends up being about 7% of its total energy usage.
  2. Team Efficiency – If the cleaning company can arrive before your employees, everything will be fresh and clean to start the day. An organized and clean place can improve your employees’ productivity.
  3. Less Security Needed – You won’t need to invest in a huge security system since your office will be closed during the night, and people won’t come in and out at night.
  4. More Options in the Market – Most companies don’t have staff to work during the night, so finding a company who works during the day is easier and costs cheaper.
  5. Fewer Worries – You won’t need to worry about receiving a call during the night if something unusual happens – during the day, you can be responsive and help the cleaning company if needed.

Nighttime Cleaning

  1. Fewer Interruptions – The cleaning company can do the service without interrupting anyone from the building or your staff. Everyone will arrive in the morning and find the office clean. Besides that, sometimes the cleaning company can make noises with machines, and this can cause an uncomfortable situation during meetings or conferences.
  2. Better Health and Safety: About 20 million people are allergic to dust mites, so cleaning while people are circulating in the office may be a terrible idea. Besides that, many companies use toxic products that can cause discomfort while breathing in small places, such as elevators. Night shift cleaning means less chemical exposure to your staff and clients.
  3. Fast Cleaning Service – With open and empty spaces, the professionals feel less intimidated by the staff and can finish the service faster.

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