What to expect from a cleaning company?

When hiring a cleaning company, the expectation is high. Clients are looking for a positive change in the environment, whether it is an office or a gym.
Therefore, it is important to know what to expect from a professional cleaning company and its actions.

Before the Service

Before we start the service, Super Cleaners offers a free quote. We like to visit the environment, know the footage of the place, and what challenges our agents will face. After that, we can offer a price estimate.

After the quote, Super Cleaners makes a contract with the client, defining the times and frequency of services provided.

During the Service

Professionals will arrive at your company on the agreed day and time. They will arrive in uniform, so there is no risk of fraud.

Having visited the environment before, we know exactly where to start and which products to use on each surface. We also know the number of professionals to carry out the work, striving for fast and efficient cleaning.

We don’t measure efforts, and everything that was agreed in the contract will be fulfilled. If, by any chance, the cleaning takes longer than expected, our team will call the customer and ask for permission to continue the service. Despite being rare to happen, since there is a pre-determined contract by both parties, some things go out of schedule. Super Cleaners is here to help and never finish a clean without ensuring the customer is satisfied.

After the Service

After cleaning, we hope we have exceeded your expectations and become a trusted source for your needs. We also hope that our service reflects the day-to-day of your business and increases your profit.

Following the contract, we will return at the agreed times and days for a new cleaning.

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