Your gym may be full of bacteria and germs – find out how to avoid them!

The North American site FitRated and the EmLab P&K laboratory tested 27 different pieces of equipment in three gyms. The goal was to assess the risk of infections at the sites. Here’s the result: several types of bacteria have been found, including Staphylococcus – the most common cause of skin problems, pneumonia and septicemia. In addition to this group, gram-negative rods have been found, which can be resistant to antibiotics, such as salmonella, which causes typhoid fever.

We don’t even need to say how dangerous this is, right? The study even found that the stationary bike in about 39 times more bacteria than a tray of food courts. The dumbbells had shocking results: each dumbbell has 362 times more bacteria than a toilet. The treadmills, on the other hand, have 74 times more bacteria than a public bathroom faucet.

How to prevent your gym from becoming crowded with germs and bacteria?

1) Invest in cleaning stations – provide wet wipes with alcohol or paper and alcohol spray, encouraging customers to clean before and after using the equipment.
2) Put alcohol 70 at various points in the gym, including at the entrance.
3) Sanitize the bathrooms – if your gym has showers, it is essential to pay special attention to the shower space, as many fungi accumulate on the floor and walls.
4) Air circulation – Allow the air to circulate as much as possible. Some gyms are 100% closed, which makes circulation difficult. If possible, open the windows or install an air exchanger to add fresh air from time to time.
5) Last point – and the most important one: hire a professional cleaning service. Having a company that regularly cleans your gym, including equipment, is extremely important. With a dedicated and meticulous staff, your gym will be clean, your customers will be satisfied, and many illnesses can be avoided.

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