How to keep your shopping center clean?

The initial motivation for keeping a mall clean may come from an aesthetic need, but there is much more to the beauty of the shiny floor. Hundreds of people walk through shopping malls every day, attracting many different germs and bacteria in the same place – normally closed, without much air circulation.

One of the biggest challenges of keeping a mall clean is precise because of the size of the place – there are many bathrooms, elevators, tables and chairs to clean. Therefore, if the mall is dirty, it will not please consumers, causing damage to the place’s owner.

Here are 3 tips to keep your mall clean.

1. Hire Professional Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning and scrubbing shopping malls, hiring commercial cleaners would be your best option. Professional commercial cleaners provide all types of cleaning services with expertise and efficiency.
Professional cleaners have specialized training and know-how to use industrial-grade cleaning products correctly. They also have the right tools and equipment to complete their cleaning job successfully and effectively.

2. Know your shopper’s profile

Many malls are known for their food courts and restaurants; others are ideal for stores. What is the profile of your mall, and where do your customers demand more attention?
Knowing your shopper’s profile, you can better organize your shopping needs, in addition to better pleasing your customers, who will feel more and more at ease in your business.

3. Invest in toilets and sanitary stations

Offer your customers the possibility to keep the place clean without your help. Invest in good bathrooms, with papers, dryers, soaps and hot water. A great tip is to spread stations with alcohol gel throughout the mall, even without COVID, preventing dirty hands from touching areas in the mall.

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