How to make your physical store sell more

With so many new e-commerce, physical stores are facing more challenges to sell. It is necessary to innovate and create environments where clients feel welcomed, as the internet has made it easy to shop without leaving home.
Find out how your physical store can attract more customers.

1. Distribute the sellers

Nobody likes to walk into a store where there are more salespeople than customers. People feel suffocated, even intimidated. Know the right number of employees your store needs and distribute them throughout the space so that there is dynamism at the time of sale.

2. Invest in a good after-sales

Keeping in touch with customers after the sale makes them feel special. You can send a discount by email, ask for a review or invite them to check out new collections/products exclusively. Ensuring the clients are pampered keeps they coming back.

3. Take care of the ambiance

Beautiful stores always attract customers. Everything counts – colours, furniture, organization, scent, textures. If you have a very “Instagram” store, people will likely stop by for some pictures and do some shopping. Also, a clean store is a key to success.

4. Make promotions

With the competition from online stores, the physics lost the timing of promotions and discounts. After all, it’s much easier to receive an email than to go to the store, right? But you can benefit from technology and attract customers with promotions valid only in physical stores, for example. Use and abuse your resources!

5. Value for loyalty

A good customer is a loyal customer. Often, stores want to attract new clients, forgetting the frequent ones. Create a loyalty card or offer benefits to your loyal customers, making them keep coming back.

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