How often should I hire a cleaning company for my business?

Have you ever thought that your company is clean, just because it doesn’t look dirty? Many bacteria stay in places where the human eye cannot see, such as computer mouse, cables and screens. These bacterias may cause illness in your employees, and fewer sick days mean more productivity. And speaking of productivity, a clean office is free from the distractions and obstacles that make work more complicated.

Okay, I think we’ve convinced you that you need to keep your office clean. But how often should you hire a cleaning company for your business? Many people find that a monthly, quarterly or yearly cleaning is enough. Of course, it depends from company to company, but in general, frequent cleaning is more effective than seasonal cleaning – precisely for the reasons listed above.

Office cleaning is not the same as residential cleaning. Depending on the company’s size, we send a team to get the job done faster and more accurately. Usually, we clean the tables and trashes, dust off surfaces and vacuum the floor. These regular cleaning tasks aim to make the work environment more organized and more attractive. Depending on the needs of each client, we can include other extra services, such as cleaning all surfaces, including seats.

Most customers choose to create a regular cleaning routine and, from time to time, choose a deep cleaning, avoiding germs and mould that can settle in over time.

Super Cleaners operates in different companies – from stores and dealerships to gyms, museums, cinemas and schools.

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