How to clean granite and marble?

Granite and marble are natural stones. Although beautiful, they require specific care, as some products can stain and damage their surfaces.

In this post, we give tips that can protect these stones, preserving their natural appearance.


  1. When spilling liquids or food, wipe up immediately. Granite is a porous material, that is, very suitable for the proliferation of bacteria.
  2. When cleaning granite, avoid using corrosive products such as acids or ammonia as they deteriorate the surface and can damage the glossy finish.
  3. When supporting hot objects, try to include a heat resistant surface. Sudden changes in temperature can affect the color of the granite.
  4. Be careful when handling very hard products on granite. With too much force, you tend to chip, fracture or stain the stone.
  5. Look for specialized granite products on the market. Although more expensive, these products prolong the stone’s shine and quality.


  1. As hard and powerful as marble looks, it is delicate. Therefore, avoid any kind of excessive pressure under the stone.
  2. Never use acidic detergents (acid pH) on marbles.
  3. Never use industrialized cleaning products as they can yellow the light marble. Chemical substances can be dangerous. Apple vinegars, wine, lemon juice and citric acid are strongly discouraged.
  4. To polish the marble countertop, mix 50g of baking soda in 1 liter of water. Spread the solution over the entire area and wait four hours. Remove everything with a cloth dampened in warm water. Finally, pass a flannel or soft cotton cloth and rub in a circular motion.
  5. If there is grease on the marble, mix drops of oil with baking soda. Add warm water to create a paste. Apply under the stain and wait until the mixture is absorbed.

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