Do you know the importance of cleaning the toilet?

The bathroom is one of the most used environments in a house. Therefore, it is also favourable to different types of bacteria and viruses. A well-cleaned toilet can eliminate the risk of microorganisms and disease.

Why should you always clean your toilet?

While the biggest reason to clean the toilet is health, other points should be highlighted besides bacteria.

Cleaning the toilet frequently also prevents the accumulation of dirt that can become stains on the porcelain. Many of these stains are irreversible, meaning that if you want to sell or rent your apartment one day, it can be highly displeased by future residents. After all, nobody likes a dirty house.

Another point is that frequent cleaning reduces the chances of clogging, as it prevents dirt from becoming encrusted in the pipes.

But what is the ideal frequency for me?

It all depends on usage, of course. If you work from home if your family is large… But the recommended is 1-2 times a week, and it can be every two days. It is also essential to redouble cleaning if you receive visitors or people with contagious diseases.

What products to use to clean the toilet?

The most used product is bleach, but several types of products on the market can be used. The important thing is always to scrub the inside with a brush, apply disinfectant on the tops and remove the stains. No laziness!

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