The places with the most germs in your office

Everyone knows that germs and bacteria are everywhere, although you can’t see them with your eyes.
Even without seeing them, they are dangerous and can be easily spread to all members of your team.
Here’s a list of 10 places where germs easily settle in your office – some of them you had no idea could be this dirty!


Everyone touches doorknobs to get around. The more people who do this, the greater the variety of germs! Can you imagine someone who takes the subway every day, arrives at the office and doesn’t wash their hands? How many doors did this person touch? That’s more dangerous than we think.

Office equipment

Germs can hide and grow on buttons on printers, copiers, fax, and other devices. People rarely think about cleaning them, as everyone uses the equipment in a hurry.

Kitchen sponge

The sponge is moist and absorbent, perfect for collecting and nourishing germs. Most sponges can have bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella within 3 weeks. And when people use the sponge during the day, they transfer their germs to other parts of the office (including coffee cups).

Water filter

People tap the same filter to get water several times a day. People turnover is intense, and no one cleans where everyone else touches. Many people think that drinking tap water is unsafe, but they forget that touching the filter is just as great a risk.

Coffee machine

The coffee machine is among the most bacteria-filled places in offices in the same vibe as the water filter. Germs love to grow in the dark, damp interior of these machines. Thorough cleaning is essential from time to time.

Vending machines

Eating prepackaged foods doesn’t solve the problem either. One study found that 1 button in 5 was likely to transmit disease-causing germs. That is, even if you want a packaged food, you still run the risk of getting some disease.

Elevator buttons

How many people do you think to press the “up” and “down” buttons to call the elevator every day? They have more germs than elsewhere, even more than the toilet!


A working station has many more germs – about 400 times more – than a toilet seat. This equates to about 21,000 bacteria, viruses and fungi per square inch. You come to work, type on your computer keyboard, pour a cup of coffee, write with your pen… How many germs were left in all the places you touched in less than 5 minutes?


E. coli bacteria can be in the entire bathroom – from the ceiling to the toilet. Even cleaning your hands can be difficult because the faucets can be dirty. Many say the hand dryer is also extremely dangerous and transmits the disease.

Microwave door

Many people heat their lunch in the microwave. And each person has to tap the door several times to open and close it, putting food in and out. This doorknob is often one of the dirtiest spots in an office. One study found high levels of a chemical attached to living organisms in microwaves.

Did you imagine these places were so dirty? Super Cleaners does an extremely detailed job, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and germs in the work environment.
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